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Belles_oil-5 Belles_owl-country Belles_pheasants Belles_sail-boat-1 Belles_sail-boat-2
Belles_secret-mountain Belles_snow-1 Belles_snow-2 Belles_sunset Belles_tree
Belles_ty-mr-fantas Belles_ty-seeker-2003 Belles_waterfall Belles_WhiteWitch-2002 Belles_st-pete-003-beach
Belles_st-pete-006-beach Belles_st-pete-013-beach Belles_st-pete-014-beache Belles_st-pete-015-beach Belles_st-pete-016-beach
Belles_st-pete-019-beach Belles_st-pete-077-beach Space for a
new masterpiece!
Belles_st-pete-088-beach Belles_st-pete-134-beach

Posted on this web space are Archived background .bgb format files used
exclusively in the chat program 'Microsoft Chat 2.5'. In order to
view/use these files, one must first have the program
'Microsoft Chat 2.5' installed. Download these files to:

C:\Program files\Chat\Comicart
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\Comicart

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